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[Solved] Getting no response from server

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Good morning, I woke up today with my transfer of movies being stopped because it could not be found and now I can no longer access any shares or go onto the gui. So since I couldn't access it via the network I physically went to the server and plugged in the hdmi to see if I could see if there's any clues there. When I did nothing showed up on screen so I am completely at a l loss on what to do. The server is making normal sounds on and doing stuff but still no response. I will keep it in this limbo state just in case someone has some idea to diagnose it in this state. This weekend one of my folders went missing that I posted about so I'll post that info alongside this post. I have work so I won't be able to try anything for a few hours but any help would be much appreciated. 

SuperServer_Main.pdf superserver-diagnostics-20210919-2053.zip SuperServer_Shares.pdf

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