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Unraid Locking up Daily


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My unraid server ran for about 1 year with no issues.  Last week it locked up and I had to power cycle and it was fine for a week.  Now for the last 3 days it locks up every day.  I don't see anything jumping out to me in the logs.  There was some usb disconnect reconnects so I removed the keyboard and ups.  only usb now connected is the unraid drive. anyone have any ideas?  In attached logs you can see where it locked up the night of sep 22nd going into the 23rd but no indication as to why.


unraid-server-diagnostics-20210923-0701.zip syslog (1)

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Ran memtest overnight with no issues. It’s now locking up within a minute of booting up. I found if i boot into safe mode it is fine. If I start the array it’s fine but if I enable docker it locks up right away.  Could a docker image loading possibly be hard locking my whole machine?  Anyone have advice on how to troubleshoot that?

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Just an update. I deleted the docker image and recreated everything. It was up and running about 5 hours and locked. Rebooted this morning and it ran about 2 hours with no dockers running and locked so I think that might have been a fluke. Next up I’ve got a spare motherboard, power supply, and ssd cache drive I’ll swap one at a time to see if I can find the problem. 

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