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Proxmox Replication/Backups


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Hello! Long time Unraid user who recently offloaded his VMs to a Proxmox rack. I have a question about best practice or a good starting point to help build up some resilience in my homelab and if Unraid can be used for this.


My Unraid server lives as big NAS and Docker hub, while my Proxmox server runs all the VM needs for my homelab and home automation. I had a major power fault in one of the CPUs that I was luckily able to resolve by removing the bad chip, but if it was an issue with the board or some part of the chassis I would have found myself pretty inconvenienced, despite having a perfectly fine and capable home server right next to it.


So my question is what is the best system to allow me to spin up the exact same VM on Unraid that I have on Proxmox, without access to the Proxmox server. I currently have snapshot backups for my VMs offloaded to the Unraid server; do I just decompress the archive and attach the disk image to a VM? Is there a template or some restore utility that is better to use? Thanks in advance for the advice and pointers.

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