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Help needed - Recent addition of Netapp DS4246 to server causing mysterious crashing after a few hours of running


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Hi there everyone! I generally hesitate to post on here with issues related to Unraid not running correctly, but I cannot figure out the problem and was hoping someone might be able to provide some insight or have an idea as to what is causing my problem!


My server has been running without any issues for two or so years and decided it was time to upgrade.


I added a Netapp DS4246 to the array and subsequently installed 12 new drives in the DS4246. The DS4246 is connected to an LSI HBA card. All seemed well, until randomly the server just went offline only a short while after setting up all the drives and getting them formatted. Suddenly no capability at all of going into a console or accessing the web UI. Everything is still running physically - so I was quite puzzled. A restart of the whole array always brings it back online, at least for a couple hours before doing the same thing again. 


As a result of this problem I'm having, here's what I've done so far with no luck:

- Disabled docker/ VM capability

- Swapped out with new motherboard (conveniently had a second new one readily available)

- Swapped out the HBA card with a new one

- Swapped out old fans with new ones (doubling CFM power)

- Swapped out IOM & PSUs in the Netapp DS4246

- Swapped out DS4246 case for another DS4246 case readily available



Currently, I have just added two more internal PSUs to add more cooling to the Netapp DS4246, bringing the DS4246 to a total of 4 PSUs which is the max it can hold. 


Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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