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All disks show as no device


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I am trying to find out if there is something I can try before I shut down the server and start replacing parts.

On Monday, Jellyfin stopped responding. I thought a cache was full but all cache said they had room. I stopped and restarted the array anyway. Jelly fin worked for about ten minutes then stopped. Then, I stopped the dockers and some drives showed up as unassigned. I stopped the array which resulted in Parity drive 1 and disk 1 showing “no device” and showed the missing drive name. Even though, I haven't change anything, now Parity drive 1 and disk 1 still show as "no device", yet don't even have the missing drive names and the rest of the drives are showing "no device" with the missing drive names.

I have not stopped the server yet. It’s been running for 4 months now. It’s on Unraid version 6.9.2

Fix common Problems shows

mcelog shows

Array Devices shows

I thinks the problem starts in the syslog.txt at Sep 20 18:57

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I don’t know of any power or cooling issues.
The server has two 1100w power supplies. One on them is on a 900 Watt APC UPS RS 1500MS on a 108 watt load.
For temps
Inlet_Temp = 25
Exhaust_Temp = 35
CPU1_Temp = 45
CPU2_Temp = 44
The highest temp on a CPU I have seen is 55C before the fans rev up and bring it down under 50C
Please give any suggestions on where I can check for power or cooling problems or test I can run to find them .

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I think you are right about the controller.
I rebooted it and the same errors of “no device”
I tried again with the power removed. It started the array with 4 disks and filled the log file to 100% with read errors faster than I could check it.

Then all 6 disks showed up in Unassigned Devices and the system was almost completely unresponsive.

All cores where at 100%. I was able to stop all the dockers that auto start but could not get the array to stop. I waited an hour then did a system shutdown. I let the system run for two hours then I had to you the idrac to force a shutdown.

I removed all drives from the system and it starts with no problems. I am going to order another H310 mini in IT mode but that is going to take a month to get. In the meantime I am going to get a new HDD and see if the system can do a pre clear on a new drive.

Thanks for your help trurl

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