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My Servers forever loading on site/password reset every time I try to login

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Everytime I go to my servers in my account here, on this site, it doesn't load my server ( I get the loading logo and it never stops). I also have to reset my password everytime I try to log in. 


I looked at the support forums a bit and didn't see anything covering this exact problem. Any help is appreciated! 


Thank you,

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Got this still after clearing out my cookies and restarting my browser (Chrome on Windows 10). This loading screen symbol and I had to reset my password again to log in. It will sit like this and never change. My server services are still running, everything seems fine I just can't remote in through here.


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Sorry for the trouble, this was probably related to our recent issues. Would you mind trying again?



If there are still issues, please try in a Chrome Incognito Window. If that doesn't help, press CTRL-SHIFT-I to load Chrome Dev Tools then reload the page and copy/paste any errors shown in the Console (not every message there is a problem, but the actual problem is likely listed there)

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Hey! Thanks! I got it working, after updating the My Servers it changed "Remote Access" setting to "no". I changed that, but I still have to go through the process of "Forgot my password" everytime I want to log into this site. And the My Servers page still isn't loading. Hopefully there isn't any sensitive information in this screen shot but here are the two errors I see from the dev tools in Chrome. 


Thank you for your help!

Going into Incognito mode seems to fix the login and my server viewing problem.

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