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2 Disabled disk while reconstructing a replacement drive


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Using Unraid for a while but first big issue for me.  First time posting anything.  My goal is to replace a 2GB drive with a 10.  I precleared the new drive with no issues.  I changed disk10 to use the new drive and restarted the array.  It started okay and was emulating and reconstructing disk10. Looked the same as I've done before in the past.   I didn't check on it for a while and noticed I have 2 disks disabled.  I have 2 parity disks so the array is working unprotected right now.  The only thing I did after the successful preclear and before the disk config change was to change a broken fan.  Maybe I wiggled something??  My thought is to power down and reset cables.  But I thought I'd reach out for some advice before I did.  Plus I'm a little unclear as to how to get the drives back to enabled state when I have 2 of them with the issue.  Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Eric.


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Thanks.  I'll take a look at a replacement controllers.

So it sounds like my next course of action would be to follow the procedure to Rebuild a drive onto itself.  Does that sound right?  Also, should I rebuild both disabled disks at the same time?


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