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Server now crashing twice per day - lots of kernel panics


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Hi all - looking for a little help here. As stated, server is crashing twice per day, usually in the middle of the night. Some things I've tried:


  • Ran Memtest for 24 hours
  • Turned off all dockers and VMs
  • Low level SMART diagnostics.


I actually suspect that there is something wrong with my CPU. Any assistance would be helpful.


Crash happens at 3:45 am in the logs





Thanks in advance.


Screenshot 2021-09-28 102044.png

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Hi there,


Took a look at your logs and I don't see anything sticking out as being problematic with your configuration.  This likely could be a CPU or other underlying component issue.  Also could be heating/cooling related, though I'm less likely to believe that.  Unfortunately diagnosing hardware-specific issues isn't something we at Lime Tech can do.  I would have hoped someone else with similar hardware would have chimed in, but alas, they have not.  The best thing you can try and do is reseat the components.  Maybe try another OS just to see if you can run stable there.  Not sure what exact CPU you're using here (I know AMD, but not the exact model) but if its an older Ryzen or Threadripper, you may need to try disabling C-states in the BIOS.  Another option could be to try adding acpi=off to the kernel append line in your syslinux configuration.


All the best,



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