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Renaming Files on Share - Manually or FileBot


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Hey everyone, new to unRaid here.

I created a "Downloads" share for Sabnzbd and Sonarr to use.  I made sure I have it set to private and gave myself read/write permissions.  But whenever I try to rename the files it says I don't have permission.  I tried it manually and using FileBot on my Mac.

• UNRAID 6.9.2

• MacOS: 11.6

- Downloads folder is in the Cache drive.


Any ideas on how to make it so I can change the names while SMBing in?  I did see there is a FileBot container, but not sure if that would work.

Happy to provide any additional information.  Sorry if it's a n00bish question.  I tried doing some searching for any similar issue but found nothing.  My forum searching-fu is not strong.

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