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Migration from 4.5


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My old USB drive from 2009 seems to be failing now. I've not upgraded unraid since then. I know pure laziness but it has been working fine since then.

I was able to retrieve the files backed up from the usb drive but that's it. I am having trouble making the drive recognized. Probably works well once in million tries. 


How can I register a new drive with my key and install either the same version of unraid or the latest/greatest with no data loss from drives? 

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6 minutes ago, JonathanM said:

Since you are moving from such an old version, this section is probably the most applicable. I wouldn't bother trying to revive a new drive with the old files, just set up a new key with the only file to be transferred is your license.



Thanks for a quick response. I backed up files from the drive as a transfer, not through any of the web ui. Is anything from there useful in terms of recovery? I do have a copy of 'config' directory. 


Also I just realized that my old server is still running the old hardware which is most likely a 32bit. I don't think any of the versions in the USB creator would work. 

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