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Unraid server randomly crashing

Osmo NZL

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Hey guys

For the past couple of weeks my Unraid server has been randomly crashing.  I cant remember anything hardware or software related that I may have changed that may have started causing this issue.

Basically my server wont last any longer than two days before it crashes to which I am unable to log into the web interface, the whole system locks up forcing me to reset the power to the machine.  It will restart and be fine for a while then lock up again after a day or two.

Hard restarting the server has caused my VM's and Dockers to disapear (but I can get those back).

I have the fix common problems plugin installed but that didnt appear to find the cause.

Temps seem to be ok. Nothing to intensive is running on the server only if I have a gaming VM server running but this is rear and didnt lock up while gaming.

Any help with this will be appriciated.


Unraid 6.9.2

Ryzen 1700X

16 gigs of RAM

GTX 750



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1 hour ago, Osmo NZL said:

OK, have found and disabled global C states in the bios settings and have disabled XMP Ram setting reducing my 3200 mhz 2X 8gig stick kit to 2133 mhz... 😢

Let's see if that fixes the issue or if there is some other issue.


If it is OK, you could bump you RAM to 2667 as it is OK for the memory controller with 2 single rank modules.

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