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Parity Disk Disabled - write errors

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A few days ago we lost mains power to the house, and the UPS I had my server connected to didn't seem to keep anything running long enough for a safe shutdown.


I'm not sure if this is related, as I hadn't had any alerts prior, but I then noticed that the parity device was disabled. Couldn't see anything in the logs (hence thinking it might have been pre-power loss), and the only troubleshooting threads I could find said to remove from array, restart, re-add, and rebuild parity.

It started this fine, got mostly through and:




SMART tests all pass - had started the RMA process as it's an IronWolf Pro drive <12 months old, but wanted to eliminate whether it was anything else in the system (eg controller or power).


Ran SeaTools off USB, long SMART test all passed.


Tried remove/add/rebuild again but this time caught it in the log when I was sitting next to it and heard a drive click:



However, the ST4000 drive noted after those errors is NOT the cache drive, but one I used with Unassigned Devices as a storage/transfer drive - so could be unrelated too.


Is there anything else I should be checking, or just get the RMA'd drive and see how it goes.




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