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Manual mount per /etc/fstab as Unassigned Devices Plugin will not work.

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Hi, I have a few external HDD enclosures, Terramaster and Orico USB 3. However, these rather low-cost (and quality) devices don't pass on the UUID for the UD plugin to see the drives. As such, UD is utterly confused when I attach 2 cases with 5 disks each, as it can't distinguish them and goes into an endless loop, trying to mount these devices.


Is there a way I can edit a /etc/fstab and mount these drives (I have the UUIDs) into another folder, i.e. /media/drive1 etc.?

I saw somebody mention using the userscripts plugin, but I'd feel better if I could edit the etc/fstab...Just can't find it in the /boot folder..


Thanks everyone!

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