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6.9.2 Windows 10 VM make shares directly accessible

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HI All,

Running a Win 10 VM on a Dell R720 with MD3200 storage array attached. I need Windows to see some unraid shares as directly attached storage vs smb. I've been wading thru a ton of posts similar to this but have yet to figure it out, so I guess I will make one more. 

The reason for all of this is that Im trying to mine some alt chia coin in my VM and smb is causing response time to be anywhere from 5 to 25 seconds on average, some even longer. Im currently running Machinaris in a docker and avg response is under 1 second. 

It kind of like trying to get from an upstairs bedroom down to the living room in a house. Instead of walking down the stairs, Windows 10 is making me go out the upstairs bedroom window, drive downtown, go a few blocks left then a few right then park next to the old burned down barn 3 miles away and walk from there to the front door of the house.  Just like Bing maps tells you..

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