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Unraid server crashing/rebooting

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Hello All

About 2 weeks ago my unraid server crashed/rebooted on its own - first issue iv had in around 2 years normally super stable.
Triggered a parity check but all good otherwise
It did it 2 days later again

That was just before i was due to go on holidays so i just left it running but with slightly reduced load (VM with a 3060 that mines eth while idle etc turned off)

Seemed good went a bit over a week with no issue but yesterday it happened again

Im not super familiar with unraid to know where to look for logs etc for clues - everything iv managed to find seems to be post reboot - is there any logs that persist over a reboot?

Im partially considering that it might be power supply related so considering swapping that with a spare i have but i dont like just replacing stuff if i can help it.

Server is an Intel i5 9400, 32GB ram, 5x HDDs, dual 1TB NVMe cache, 3060 GPU passed to a VM and sitting on a UPS




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