Ark server getting Signal 11 Caught code


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Hello when ever I start up my Ark server and play for like 30 mins walking around and killing dinos after 30 min i get this code popping up in the log for the Signal 11 caught.
/opt/scripts/ line 71: 63 Segmentation fault ./ShooterGameServer ${MAP}?listen?SessionName=${SERVER_NAME}?ServerPassword=${SRV_PWD}?ServerAdminPassword=${SRV_ADMIN_PWD}${GAME_PARAMS} ${GAME_PARAMS_EXTRA} Then the server crash's and restarts I have not found anything on how to fix this or maybe I have and I dont understand it. My server also runs 14 mods I've have ruled out the mods the server dose it  on a none modded server as well any help would be nice I've been fighting with this for weeks


Update: I found a diagnostics file  I'll put what it says here >

Generating report for minidump

Application version
 ... built from changelist 0

OS version Linux 4.19.107-Unraid (network name: c2aecc39a33c)
Running 4 x86_64 processors (16 logical cores)
Exception was "SIGSEGV: invalid attempt to access memory at address 0x000001c0"



Fatal error!

[Callstack]  02  0x0000000001ab4f23  ./ShooterGameServer() [0x1ab4f23]
[Callstack]  03  0x0000000000822c8f  ./ShooterGameServer() [0x822c8f]
[Callstack]  04  0x0000000001ab56b4  ./ShooterGameServer() [0x1ab56b4]
[Callstack]  05  0x000014a91e282840  /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x14a91e282840]
[Callstack]  06  0x00000000bac0e038  [0xbac0e038]


0 loaded modules

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