Disk read errors on 3 months old disk

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Using 6.9.2


I bought a data disk about 3 months ago and added it to the array.

Within the first 2 weeks I got a single read error. I checked some forum search results but didn't really get too much out of it.

I decided to format the disk, change the SATA-connector (using a HBA, used another SATA out from the same reverse breakout cable) and rebuilt the disk.

Afterwards the array turned good.

Everything stayed fine for a couple of weeks.

Recently the same disk failed the daily health check and showed 35 read errors.

I ran an extended SMART check, but nothing suspicious. At least what I can make from it, according to google research.

I was kinda busy the last couple of weeks but today I noticed the read errors jumped to 51.


Is the disk failing?


The concerned disk is disk9/sdi.


Anything I could to try fix the disk or should I send it in?


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