Farm Out Maintenance Tasks to Raspberry PIs

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ARM CPUs aren't the most powerful but they're generally capable of reading and writing data in an efficient manner so it would be nice to be able to one or more PIs to an unRAID server that the server could task with some of the "routine" maintenance tasks for managing the disks.  For example, a PI could be used to defragment conventional platter drives when the disk set is otherwise quiescent.  


Since PIs can also run on battery, it might be a good way to shut down an unRAID in a power outage situation.  

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I do not understand what is the benefit of your examples:

  • If you want to defrag your XFS drives, there is a script that runs in Unraid that can do it. I am no expert of the matter, but I am not sure how you would do it without direct access to the drives.
  • As for he server shut down, between the APC deamon and the NUT plugin, I am not sure there is a need for that.
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