VM Settings and VM Tab Blank after trying to start a VM with Nvidia GPU


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Hey Guys,


I currently have 2 graphics card.  a GTX 1650 in the first PCI-E slot and a P1000 in the 3rd PCI-E slot.


im using the P1000 for my plex transcoding, and planning to use the GTX for my VM to use as a remote gaming VM.


I am able to setup my VM using VNC graphics, but when i go back and add the Graphics Card and the Graphics Card Sound and update, and then try and start the VM it just says starting and never starts.


When i click on other tabs unraid still works, but when i click the VM tab or go to Settings - VM Settings both come up blank, and I have to reboot my machine.


Can anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?


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