First time passing through USB controller - Windows VM hangs on startup


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I'm still very new to VMs (and unRAID too, for that matter). I have an existing VM that has run for 6 months or more. No issues. I moved everything to a new server build and got the existing VM running again. That took some doing as it appeared my libvirt file was corrupted and the VM didn't appear in the VMs list. I configured a new VM and pointed it to the old vm img and it worked fine. So, the next step was to pass through an add-on PCI USB controller.

I did as Spaceinvader One did in this video (although the VFIO plugin is built-in). 



I have the controller showing in the VM config and added it, but now the VM won't start. If I remove the controller, then it boots fine.


Any help is appreciated!



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