QNAP IT8528 hwmon driver inclusion

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Hi. As admin in several NAS communities, I've seen how more and more QNAP users are deciding to get rid  of their QNAP units for several reasons. Some of them are switching to UnRAID and they want to use the same hardware they already have (their QNAP units).


You can get UnRAID up and running in most QNAPs, no big deal, but the hwmon driver used by QNAP in their MOBO is not recognized in UnRAID, which lead to fans not being detected and thus, being unable to control fan speed and drive temperature.


One of the QNAP users in Reddit developed this driver kernel module that works fine with most QNAP units.




The problem is that compiling it in UnRAID is not possible (or at least I have not been able to), so you must use another Linux OS like Ubuntu, with same kernel version that current UnRAID release, and compile it, so rinse and repeat for each new kernel update. It also becomes a new binary, that is not integrated in the OS and cannot be used with already existing plugins, like Dynamix autofan.


If this driver were to be compiled and included in future releases, It would increase the number of people switching to UnRAID. It should also require minimum work for UnRAID developers.


So, how can we request this feature to be included?


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