UPS - Ability to monitor multiple UPSs.

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love the UPS option, but is there a way to have it monitor more than one? I have several that I would like it to monitor via SNMP and USB.


Would like the ability to select witch one(s) unraid would look at for the shutdown feature, say I have 5 units, but 3 are for unraid (1 for the server and 1 for each of the 2 disk shelfs I have)


I would like to be able to view all 5 units, but say these 3 I want unraid to use for the shutdown, that if any of the 3 drop to only x mins left on battery then shutdown..


Also would be great if we could put in info like device name, battery model, how many, and date batteries installed, and replace every x years. This way when x date comes around we get a critical alert that its time to replace the batteries. (Email would be even better) and include device name, battery model, how many needed. 


then once replaced we update the battery install date.


Would be great if we could even put in UPS devices that were not connected via usb or snmp so that we could keep record of the desk ups's and battery install dates and such.


This would help a ton in managing our battery backups.

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