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Hi, I'm expecting to receive the last bits for a new server next week, and will be setting up my first unraid NAS, replacing an old Synology that (literally) has a paperclip stuck in the ATX power plug, and duct tape on the inside keeping things together.. considering all the hours I spend keeping it alive, it will be an emotional last data-transfer....


One thing I would like to get ready is my firewall setup. The vlan where the unraid will reside is filtered on both inbound and outbound traffic, so I will need to setup access lists to anything the server needs to connect to.


Does anyone know the IP/Addresses that Unraid needs to connect to?

 - OS updates

 - License check during trial period


Community Applications needs git I can see, I'll handle that in case I need to install any, haven't made up my mind yet.


Anything else where Unraid makes use of internet?

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2 hours ago, T0rqueWr3nch said:

OS updates (IIRC) come from AWS. Best of luck keeping track of those.


Do you have a specific concern with allowing Unraid to initiate the outgoing connection and then allowing the established return traffic?


... even luck can help me there...


Nothing special for Unraid. I split my home network up into vlans and blocked in/outbound on everything a few years ago, when I needed to refresh my memory on how basic network works.. (Not having internet access is a great motivator to figure out how old HP switches work with VLANs.... And figuring out is a great motivator to get new switches...)


Since then I've just made it a norm to keep all non-client devices "offline".. No need for them to connect to stuff thats not needed... And [insert religious term of your choice] things will connect left and right, but the setup is coming under pressure as more and more stuff gets hosted in the cloud and therefore switch IP's faster than I can refresh the FW logs :(

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