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Hello all,


First sorry for my bad english and if I post into the wrong forum section.

I need to upgrade my unraid hardware because I use now a lot of docker and since I have the fiber at home I use my own cloud services, password services, pictures services and so on.


since I have buy the xbox series X and resell my old grahpic card I do not use my good gaming PC, only for some photoshop, adobe premiere pro task and administrative work, so I have an idea : 

I want to use the gaming hardware for unraid and use my old unraid hardware to create a linux thin client and access my current PC with unraid VM (all my house are ethernet so good network communication).

To be more clear I draw a schema, my question : is it possible to do that ?




PS : I do not want to format my Win11 SSD and I want to use directly with VM


thanks for you help guys

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