Docker Tab - Filtered View - Filter On Partial Match Search Text and/or Tags

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MVP Request

I like that I can re-order Docker applications on the Docker Tab to tailor desired visible order. However, searching for them by name is tedious sometimes. I suggest adding a built-in filter on the Docker page to filter out or put into focus the desired Docker container(s) that match the search criteria.  The text should match with partial search as well as full text match.


Add-On Request

As an extension to my previous suggestion to add filter/search capabilities on the Docker Tab this is an enhancement to that. Please see the other request for full context. I didn't want to submit these together in order to avoid confusion and reduce Minimum Viable Product development stalling. I'm very forgetful and struggle with remembering specific details like exact names of products and tools. However, I can remember very definitive descriptive words about said product/tool with a high degree of accuracy. I suggest adding a tagging mechanism to Docker containers to allow for use of these key words. Those key words can then be used in the previously described filter/search suggestion. If you need a loose example of how this could work please check out Firefox bookmarks. They're called Tags and can be used to search in the Awesome Bar of Firefox.  Folks that may be familiar with Microsoft ADOS (A.K.A. TFS) may be familiar with the concept of filters using tags.  If not, here's some details on how it works

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