Nginx Proxy Manager and 502 Bad Gateway

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Hello together!
Yesterday I installed Nginx Proxy Manager on my Unraid and so far redirects work on Ips that are not the same as the server itself. But as soon as I want to use a bridge Ip I get the error "502 Bad Gateway".
The thousands of solutions like restarting or similar did not help me. 
Also with mobile data the same error occurs.

Do you have any suggestions?

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Hi There,

I see that this post has been up for a few months and you haven't got a reply yet. Hopefully you managed to resolve your issue. I ran into the same issue myself and found a solution so I thought I'd better post it here:

In my case, the issue was that the NGINX Proxy Manager docker defaults to being on the custom br0 network, while all my other docker containers (which I'm trying setup reverse proxies to) are on the bridge network. Switching those other docker containers to the br0 network as well, OR changing the Settings->Docker->"Host access to custom networks" setting to "Enabled" resolved the issue for me.

In the end I went with switching those Docker containers to the same custom network as that seemed the more secure of the two options.

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