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Dear all,

I am aware, that this topic was already discussed multiple times. But I am still unsure which approach is the 'best'.

I would like to access Plex from outside of my network. Mainly for listing to music.


After going through a lot of threads, I found mainly the following suggestions

- Don't do it

- Just enable it in Plex itself

- Use a reverse proxy


Could anyone help me picking the best approach?

Again, I would like to access my Plex media. I have no access to anything else on my server from outside of my network (and I would like to keep it that way).


In addition, I read it makes sense to put Plex Docker on a different VLan + give the Docker only access to the media shares. Is that still suggested and if yes, how can I do that? (+ any additional tricks to harden security?).


Thank you in advance.


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Reverse proxies are the best solution, IMO. It’s generally good practice to forward as few ports as possible. Using a reverse proxy in tandem with a domain name allows you to setup subdomains for your various services while only forwarding ports 80 and 443. 

For example, you could have and


To improve security, you can configure your reverse proxy to redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS.


There are a ton of tutorials for reverse proxies online. Space invader one made a video about setting up NGINX for unraid. Just be aware that it can sometimes get a little technical, since you pretty much are required to use the command line to configure NGINX.


The most secure network is one that is not connected to the internet at all. But obviously that is not at all practical, and there will always be zero-day vulnerabilities. Taking steps to mitigate those potential vulnerabilities is the best you can do. Using HTTPS, only exposing ports 80 and 443, routing all external traffic through NGINX, using strong passwords and 2FA where possible, and limiting access / permissions of services and directories to only the essentials is a pretty good strategy.


Here’s a great resource if you’re new to system security:


I might have missed a few things. Others feel free to chime in.



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