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  1. Dear all, I am aware, that this topic was already discussed multiple times. But I am still unsure which approach is the 'best'. I would like to access Plex from outside of my network. Mainly for listing to music. After going through a lot of threads, I found mainly the following suggestions - Don't do it - Just enable it in Plex itself - Use a reverse proxy Could anyone help me picking the best approach? Again, I would like to access my Plex media. I have no access to anything else on my server from outside of my network (and I would like to keep it that way). In addition, I read it makes sense to put Plex Docker on a different VLan + give the Docker only access to the media shares. Is that still suggested and if yes, how can I do that? (+ any additional tricks to harden security?). Thank you in advance. Best,
  2. I use photoprism with my own mariadb and is seems to work fine. However, now i have to import (I want to restructure the data, therefore I use import rather than indexing) my pictures (about 60.000 files). Two questions, is it normal to take very long? (run almost a day and I hardly imported 10%) Secondly, it seems that the import is only running when I have the GUI open. Whenever I close it, the import stops after a couple of minutes - at least the logs indicate it.
  3. Dear Unraid Community, I bought a new 16 TB to replace my parity drive and used the old parity drive to replace a smaller data drive. To do so, I followed the parity swap procedure as described in the unraid wiki. However, I made the mistake of not carefully reading the instructions before starting the procedure (my bad!). I used the unbalance plugin to empty the old data drive and move the data to the other drives. Then I followed the instructions step by step. Currently, I wait for the parity to be copied. The next step would be the data drive rebuild. However, since the data drive is already empty, the rebuild would waste a lot of time/reads/resources to rebuild an empty drive. Do I still need to run this step now, or is there an alternative way? Second question: after the whole procedure is completed, should I move the data again using unbalance, to not have some drives fully filled, or is that not necessary. Thank you for your help. Best,
  4. Previously everything worked great. Now I changed the share (copied the calibre library to a new share) and changed the docker template accordingly. Unfortunately, now I always get an error message if I want to convert epubs to mobi. I read that it is a permission problem, but I don't know how to fix it. Already run the unraid NewPerms command (in the WebUI), but that didn't help. WOuld appreciate some tipps. Thank you
  5. --- Solved -- nzbget seems to not allow passthrough
  6. Now I run diagnostics while the usage is very high, maybe that helps I think plex takes a lot of memory
  7. I run about 15 dockers. Sometimes I start 1-2 additional dockers, but only for a short time.
  8. Thanks for your answer. Yes, cache filled up because I transfered a lot of data from my computer to the unraid server (and didn't disable cache / didnt enable fast read). About the VM: I created a VM for testing purposes, but it was disabled ever since. So I though it doesn't effect anything.
  9. Push. Also, maybe it is connected, to the fact that from time to time the utilizatiion of ram and cpu is at 100% even, if I don't run anything specific.
  10. Hello, the last two days, I got the error 'Your server has run out of memory, and processes (potentially required) are being killed off. You should post your diagnostics and ask for assistance on the unRaid forums' twice. Therefore, I thought it is best to ask here. Some background: my existing drives were very low on space, I added a new one and used the unbalance script to move some data. Other then that, I didn't make any changes. Thanks in advance!
  11. Sorry to pick up on this old post. So I route my traffic through the DelugeVPN container AND add the proxy in jdownloader 2 (http, IP from server, port 8118). Unfortunately it doesn't show any IP when I hover over the the connection tab (it shows only ''Connection (Resizing locked)"). Is there any other way to findout the IP?
  12. First of all thank you for all the effort! I use delugeVPN for quite some time now and it worked well. But now I can't conntect to the webUI anymore. I only added a new port to the docker (to route the traffice from a different docker). Even though I reversed the change, I stil lcan't connect to the webui. (I use airvpn by the way) The log file shows two things. One is just a DEPRECATED message, but the other is the following error: 2020-11-29 16:49:03,596 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: Options error: --explicit-exit-notify can only be used with --proto udp Use --help for more information. And full log, before it repeats: 2020-11-29 16:49:03,632 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [info] Starting OpenVPN (non daemonised)... 2020-11-29 16:49:03,637 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: 2020-11-29 16:49:03 DEPRECATED OPTION: --cipher set to 'AES-256-CBC' but missing in --data-ciphers (AES-256-GCM:AES-128-GCM). Future OpenVPN version will ignore --cipher for cipher negotiations. Add 'AES-256-CBC' to --data-ciphers or change --cipher 'AES-256-CBC' to --data-ciphers-fallback 'AES-256-CBC' to silence this warning. 2020-11-29 16:49:03,638 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: Options error: --explicit-exit-notify can only be used with --proto udp Use --help for more information.
  13. Dear all, I use gPodder to download podcasts and airsonic to organize them. In general that works very well. Unfortunately, gPodder is only able to use existing metadata and rename downloaded audiofiles to: publishing date - name of the podcast. Of course airsonic can add a tracknumber, however that needs to be done manually and somehow you can't order the list by filename first. Is there a easy and automatic way to add a tracknumber to the podcast files? Manually I would order them by filename and then start enumarting from one. Thanks in advance!