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I currently have a NAS that I want to convert (currently under TrueNAS core) 


The server is currently based on :
-DELL T320
-Raid CARD H310 (flashed in IT)
-Intel XEON E5-2470
-64Go DDR3 ECC 1600Mhz (4*16Go)
-4 SAS HDD 3TB 7200RPM in RAID 10
-4 SAS HDD 300GB 15k in RAID 10
-SFP+ NIC 2x10GB  
-1 VM backup (Promox Backup Server)  


Used for:
-Datastore Proxmox (NFS)
-File sharing (SMB)
-VPN server (OpenVPN)
-Backup Server (Rsync/PBS)


I am looking to add FibreChannel (not possible under TrueNAS Core).


I would like your opinion on my build, and the possibility to add FibreChannel :/



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If you can compile the driver under linux, Unraid would support it I think. Out of the box Unraid does not support fibrechannel. I think just TrueNas enterprise is the only thing I have used that has it. You are talking about very specific enterprise use gear that not many have access to

Also you'd need to script to have the driver load up on every boot

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i am relatively new to unraid and I’ve been working with s z590 asrock extreme board with a 11700f and 16gb of DDR4 RAM and a 1070gpu.


I recently got my hands on a Dell R720 server with an E5 2609 processor and 8gb of DDR3 ecc ram.


I was wondering if there was any advice as to whether I am better off sticking with my z590 setup or buying more ram and using the Dell server.


my use case is: personal cloud storage as well as streaming of old family videos and media via plex. Open to doing more as I get used to unraid and learn more.


i’m also not opposed to just having two setups if you guys think the r720 is better for certain use case over the z590 and vice versa.

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