First time UnRaid build: Ryzen 7000 build planning


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Hi all,


I am new to UnRaid and planning out what will be my first build. I'm planning to use my build for the following purposes:


1) NAS server for file storage

2) Plex Server: Up to 4k stream with really 2 max streams at any time as it's mainly for myself but have given access to my brother and father

3) Home Assistant VM

4) Docker services like Radar, Sonar (I'm fairly new to docker so expecting max 4 or 5 services)

5) Main PC VM: I'm looking to combine my NAS / Plex Server with my main PC in one build. I switch between Windows and different Linux builds so might have a few VMs that I can switch between but would only really use one of them at a time.


Hardware on hand:


3 WD 8tb drives

1 Intel DC S3500 1.6tb SSD drive

1 SanDisk Ultra 3D 2tb SSD drive

1 SanDisk Ultra 3D 500gb SSD drive


I'm planning on building a new PC that can meet the above requirements whilst recycling the WD and Intel drives. I'm not fussed about using the SanDisk drives (they are currently in other PC's that wouldn't get much use after this build) but I have the option to if it makes sense.


I'm planning to build in a Corsair 7000D airflow case as it would have enough 3.5 inch drive bays with space to expand and the case would likely be in my office so I "want it to look nice".


I'm thinking of using the Ryzen 7000 equivalent of a 5800X so likely 8 core 16 thread CPU and we know Ryzen 7000 will have a small iGPU included. I'm looking at pairing this with the Radeon RX 7000 equivalent of the RX 6700.


I'm thinking with 16 threads, I would be able to have enough to have several threads dedicated to UnRaid, Docker (including Plex) and the Home Assistant VM whilst still having 10 to 12 threads for the "main PC". I would have the GPU passed through to the main PC when in use or otherwise not being utilised.


For Plex, I would likely use CPU transcoding if it's required as I don't think it makes sense to pay for hardware transcoding for 1 or 2 streams max?


As part of my build, I will be combining a current OMV NAS server that also takes care of Plex (uses around 60W of power per hour), a mini PC for Home Assistant (about 15W of power per hour) and my current laptop (that uses around 25 - 30W of power per hour when it's on).


Ideally by combining these systems, my overall power usage would decrease and I would be open to undervolting the server via BIOS a little to help that but wouldn't look to eek out every last Watt for the sake of stability.


For the build I'm thinking:

Motherboard: X670 or X670E

CPU: Ryzen 7800X?

Ram: 32gb or 64gb of DDR5

PSU: 850W Platinum

GPU: Radeon RX7700

Cooler: Noctua NH-D15

Case: Corsair 7000D Airflow

Case Fans: Noctua NF-A12 and NF-A14 (ideally chromax black)

Drives: Reuse the WD 8tb HDDs and the Intel SSD plus purchase a PCI 5.0 NVME drive to hold the main PC VM(s)?

Boot drive: Samsung bar USB stick


I appreciate this build is hypothetical because the Ryzen 7000 series or Radeon RX 7000 CPUs and GPUs haven't been released yet but I have the following questions:


1) Would an 8 core / 16 thread CPU be overkill for this requirement or would a 6 core / 12 thread CPU be more appropriate?

2) Do I need any special consideration about the GPU being passed through to the VM? I thought I read that GPU in first slot of boards get used by UnRaid? Can I get round that with iGPU in Ryzen 7000 series CPU?

3) Maybe a long shot but does anyone have any comparison that would help me calculate what my power draw from a system like this might be?

4) How to best use the Intel DC S3500 1.6tb drive? As a cache drive or for hosting VMs or some other usage?

5) Given what's been announced about the amount of I/O that X670 and X670E will have, would it still make sense to have an add in card to pass through to the main PC for hot swapping?

6) Anything else I should be considering or haven't thought of?


Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!





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