(SOLVED) Using PCI-E riser for GPU Passthrough.


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Hi All,


I'm running a strix x399 motherboard with a 24core thread ripper cpu.


to put it simply i was to use 4 video cards on the system and passthrough 1 to each VM (4 in total)


The issue is the physical space with me wanting to run 4 2+slot cards. the solution (i thought ) would be to use a few x16 to x16 risers for 2 of the cards and have the other 2 slotted in the board directly. i setup 3 VMs with them being plugged direct into the board and they work great. however using a riser i dont get any display from the VM (black screen) unsure if theres something else i need to do in order to get a riser to work. i assumed it wouldn't need any additional config. 


any suggestions would be greatly appreicated.



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To answer my own question, yes a x16 slot using a x16 to x16 riser works. the reason it wasn't working lyes with the videocards i was using, for some reason all of my RX 580 4gb sapphire wouldn't work ( i tried around 10-15 cards) however using a R9 390 sapphire worked first try. the good news is it works, so my project can continue. the bad news is i have lots of cards and am going to have to go buy more...

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