Remove new GUI "dropdown" circle on top right?

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I just did an update from 6.9.2 to 6.10.3. I use a custom banner. The first thing I noticed after the upgrade was the solid color overlay on the top-right that used to be translucent and was covering a good portion of my banner. I found the option to put it back to almost how it was before by selecting "Show banner background color fade:" option to No.


But I'm still left with a huge circle and down arrow. When I click it it states "Enhance your experience with My Servers". I click it and then select "No thanks", but it still stays on the screen.


How do I get rid of that advertisement on my banner bar?



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I just whipped this up.  I forked an old repo I found that injects custom CSS and just made it use JS instead so ignore the name.  After installing the plugin, edit the file /boot/config/plugins/eth-p.unraid.custom-css/custom.js and paste the contents below in the file.  Save and reload the page.  I did a quick test and this works but since I just threw this together quickly not going to support it really.  I think the my servers orb is loaded via JS so normal CSS rules won't hide it.  Thats why I did it in JS.



From plugins tab install this.



document.querySelector("#header > unraid-user-profile").shadowRoot.querySelector("#UnraidUPC > div.relative.z-0.flex.flex-row.items-center.justify-end.h-full > div.relative.flex.items-center.justify-end.h-full").remove();



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