Any reason to avoid running Unraid on Ryzen 5 1400?

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7 hours ago, Matt Elias said:

I setup a Ryzen 5 1400 with 32GB of RAM, 1TB NVMe and 10TB platter for Proxmox or a dedicated SeaFile server but then I came across Unraid and decided I want to try it. Any major reason to avoid running it on a Ryzen 5 1400?

No reason it would not work. Many people use Unraid on systems that are way older and less powerful.


You would have to consider this though :



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My server runs on one of the first 1st Gen Ryzen chips ever made.  It is a per-ordered 1500X that I received a day before the day they were supposed to ship.  It has run flawlessly after a few hiccups - which were resolved after following the FAQ which ChatNoir linked.


First Gen Ryzen had issues running Linux.  It was optimized for x86/x64 systems.  The two things that will save you headaches are:


-- Run your DRAM at the right speed.  Other than benchmark bragging rights, I doubt you will notice a difference.  See the 1st Gen table in the link, you will be running at 1866-2667.


-- There are many posts on the Internet saying you need to disable C-States.  My system has them enabled.  I did have some system freezes until I set "Power Supply Idle Control" to "typical current idle".  Since then, it has not locked up once.  Depending on which motherboard you have, that setting may not be available (I believe most do, maybe labeled something equivalent).


Been a year and a half that this system has been running, and am very pleased with just how well it runs without issues.



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