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Hi Everyone,


Been using Unraid since 2018 without any issues.  An amazing piece of software.  So here's my question.  Been running Unraid on a used Enterprise Supermicro server with dual Intel® Xeon® CPU X5675 and 24GB  DDR3 memory 24/7 for four years and it has been a solid workhorse.  I use it for a NAS, Plex, Nextcloud, Minecraft server, bunch of dockers and a couple of VM's.  It usually has enough power, but I've maxed out what I can run without it slowing down.  It's time to upgrade to a more powerful system and I'm not sure which route to go.


Since I had success with a used enterprise server, I am considering going that route again, this time with another Supermicro with 2x E5-2680 V4 - 2.4Ghz 14 Core CPU's and 128GB DDR4 memory.  The motherboard is a X10DRU-i+.  This server can handle two GPU cards and can hold 14 drives.  The cost for this is between $1200 & $1400.  I know it will eat a lot of power.


I am also considering building a Ryzen system from scratch.  I would like to stay under $1600 for the budget.  I know the Ryzen system will eat less power than the Supermicro.  I haven't built a PC in a while, we've been in Apple Eco-system for a while, so I'm not up to speed on contemporary computer performance.  


So given the choice between buying a used enterprise server or roll you own Ryzen system, which would give the most performance based on the budget?  Can a 12 core Ryzen outperform a 28 core dual processor Intel?  I know it's a vague question, but I need to start somewhere.


Thanks in advance,


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A single Ryzen Threadripper 1920X is no where near the raw processor power of dual E5-2680 V4's, using passmark as a gauge. Power is not as clear cut either, and I don't know a good way to compare that, as TDP is only a 100% CPU measure, and doesn't translate to idle or low CPU usage. This assumes the same HBA and drive load for both systems.


Based on my observations of prior performance, I think enterprise supermicro stuff will be more reliable long term.

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