NerdFonts in terminal windows


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I was able to get this to work yesterday with quite a bit of tinkering and figuring things out.




These are the nuts and bolts to it:

My /boot/config/go file now includes the following to make this all work:

# Fonts #
# Replace the ttyd binary and chmod
mv /usr/bin/ttyd /usr/bin/ttyd_orig
cp /boot/config/custom/ttyd/ttyd /usr/bin/
chmod a+x /usr/bin/ttyd
# Symbolic link the libs
ln -s /boot/config/custom/ttyd/libs/ /usr/lib64/
ln -s /boot/config/custom/ttyd/libs/ /usr/lib64/
# Create custom terminal command
mv /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/OpenTerminal.php /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/OpenTerminal.php.orig
cp /boot/config/custom/ttyd/OpenTerminal.php /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/
chmod a+r /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/OpenTerminal.php


First clue was using this issue/commit for ttyd.


On a separate machine I did the following:

  • Clone the repo for ttyd.
  • I followed this (Build from source (debian/ubuntu)) to build my own ttyd binary with the changes from the commit. I had to manually add the changes.
  • I followed this to build the custom inline.html using the comments from the previous commit. Ex:

    export INLINE_FONT=/path/to/ttyd/html/src/style/my font.ttf

     This has to happen before you run the yarn run start or yarn run build commands in each terminal window. note: every time you run yarn run start it will wipe the dist dir that you build with yarn run build.
  • I moved the dist folder (renamed to index) and custom built ttyd binary to the unraid box under /boot/config/custom/ttyd/. I figured this would be a good place for it as it survives reboots. Just make sure its under /boot/config and the go file accurately reflects the path.


After getting the files in place, I chmod a+x the binary and ran


ldd /path/to/my/custom/ttyd

to see what libraries were missing, since it wouldn't run. I was missing and I copied these files from my build machine to a libs folder under /boot/config/custom/ttyd/. Now I could run the binary fine.


Last step was to implement the new binary with the custom arguments in unraid. I found the call to the binary was in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/OpenTerminal.php I copied this file into the /boot/config/custom/ttyd/ folder. I changed line 54 to

if ($retval != 0) exec("ttyd-exec --index=/boot/config/custom/ttyd/index/inline.html --client-option fontFamily='Fira Code Retina Nerd Font Complete' -i '$sock' bash --login");

note: the font family name instead of the file name or path. I had to play with this to get the correct naming scheme. Probably could have run fc-list to see it on the build machine. This name just so happens to be the font I used.


After figuring everything out I made copies of the original files and moved my new ones into place and symlinked the libraries. code listed in the go file above.


I have yet to reboot the machine to verify it survives a reboot. I think it should, I will update the post if I find it does not to correct any problems.


To get my terminal layout this is added to a .bash_profile and copied on boot (from the go file) to /root/.

OS_ICON=   # Replace this with your OS icon
PS1="\n \[\033[0;34m\]╭─────\[\033[0;31m\]\[\033[0;37m\]\[\033[41m\] $OS_ICON \u@\h \[\033[0m\]\[\033[0;31m\]\[\033[0;34m\]─────\[\033[0;32m\]\[\033[0;30m\]\[\033[42m\] \w \[\033[0m\]\[\033[0;32m\] \n \[\033[0;34m\]╰ \[\033[1;36m\]\$ \[\033[0m\]"


To restore back to unraid's defaults after applying these changes do the following:

# Restore the ttyd binary to original
rm /usr/bin/ttyd
mv /usr/bin/ttyd_orig /usr/bin/ttyd
# Remove symbolic links
rm /usr/lib64/
rm /usr/lib64/
# Restore the original Terminal command
rm /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/OpenTerminal.php
mv /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/OpenTerminal.php.orig /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/OpenTerminal.php

Remove added code from go file


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