Booting without a video card


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Hi all,

  I have just gotten an X570 and a Ryzen 5600 and I am wondering will this config boot UNRAID without a video card. I know historically some boards require a video signal and so I am wondering will this be an issue with this new config. The board is an ASRock X570 PHANTOM GAMING 4 AM4. My hope is that I can swap out the board/cpu and memory and power back on the system without any issues. The current system is a Haswell cpu, so it will be an Intel to AMD move.


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You will need a video card of some type to setup the bios.  After the bios is set up correctly you can run without a video card.  You may need to (should) turn on HVM/AMD-V (virtualization) and IOMMU and I typically only allow USB to be seen as a boot device but as long as the USB is set to boot first you are OK.  The new board will see a new CPU and require you to enter the bios, make whatever changes are needed and save.  It is highly unlikely you will be able to setup the board/CPU without video.

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