Not really programming - python calls in terminal not working.

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I done the upgrade to 6.10.3, and since then all my python scripts have stopped working.


I have tried using Nerd Tools to update the python packs, but still on the terminal python is responding
bash: python: command not found

bash: python: command not found

I can enter the python environment with python3.


Just for clarification, I'm trying to run

python /in/this/directory/


Any help would be great, as the all my cron and manual jobs are based around python calls.

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try "python3" instead of outdated "python"


also, after a reboot, it takes some time for the nerdpack to reastablish python availablity.

I use a "wait for nerdpack" script in my /boot/config/go file like


cd /boot/config/optional
cp -r RGB /usr/local/bin
cd /usr/local/bin/RGB
while  !  [ -x /usr/bin/python3 ]
        sleep 30


i have the python scripts in /boot/config/optional/RGB and once this wait script has finished, i lauch them with:


while true
        echo Wrapper wartet
        sleep 30


(this wrapper is needed because the script may lose network connection and has to be restarted after a grace period)


(the rename to python3 is not a mistake, python3 needs different syntaxes on many commands, it is very likely that your scripts need some updates too. So the name change prevents you to run untested outdated scripts)


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