Cache drive is read only all of a sudden,

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Before I start, please be aware I am only just starting to understand how unRAID works.


Basically, the issue is that I have about 70GB of data that is currently still on my cache drive (dev/sdc) and when I instigate the move command, it writes about 4GB to the array (dev/sdd - Disk2) and then loses it and the move command stops. The data in the cache never writes to the array anymore. The share in Disk2 is called 'Photos' and the Use Cache Pool is set to Prefer:Yes. I have done some reading and tried some suggestions the FAQ/Help pages:


FAQ for unRAID v6 - Page 2 - General Support - Unraid


On restarting the Server, it did work for a bit, but then the read-only issue returned, When it does 'work' it appears to write corrupt data. 


Attached are my diagnostics.


Server is an HP Microserver Gen8

intel Xeon E3-1220L V2 2C/4T @ 2.30GHz

16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3 ECC DRAM

Seagate Barracuda 4TB (Parity)

2 x WD Red Pro 4TB (Array) 

1 x Samsung 840 EVO 120GB (Cache)


If I can get the data of the cache, I will change the SSD as I believe it is probably knackered!


Any help would be appreicated!

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5 minutes ago, JasonH76 said:

Believe I did update to v6.10, then to v6.10.3, but cannot be sure. Is there a way to check...?

If you updated using the GUI you can to Tools -> Update OS and look for the "restore" option, it will show the previous Unraid release installed, I'm just mentioning that because there's a lot of data corruption and you're using a Microserver Gen8 with VT-d enabled, and those are known to be affected by Linux kernel bug that affects all Unraid v6.10 releases except v6.10.3, causing data corruption.

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