2 additional cache pool options

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Currently the methods that govern how file placement / movement happens in relation to the cache are;



I would like to request 2 additions


> size - Files greater than the indicated size are placed on the specified cache pool


< size - Files lower than the indicated size are placed on the specified cache pool


use case scenario: like most of of you, having a variety of files of different sizes, it makes a lot of sense to leverage the super fast access times and availability of flash memory.


Keeping all files under 2mb or less on exclusively flash memory will serve to increase our arrays significantly. As the cache is outside the array, duplication could be involved too alongside hardlinking but thats additional complexity and I would be happy if just the basic implementation could be looked at.


i'm reasonably certain it isn't possible to do this currently, is that the case?

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I think the problem with your request is that the system doesn't know how big a file is going to be until it has finished writing it. That's the reason you have to specify for each share the minimum free space as being at least as big as the largest file you intend to store in it, otherwise you risk filling up a disk and the write failing.

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