Unraid Home-Server build - compatibility/feasibility check plz


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new user and already questions.
Let's start with the requested part:


If you already have parts in mind, please oh pretty please post links to them so that we don't have to look them up.

- Sure, here you go https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/XwLBFg

What is your budget?

- 1500€, give or take

How many drives do you want your server to be able to support and how much capacity do you need?

- I start small, so 2 HDD with 4 TB each (1x parity) and one SSD as cache

Is expandability important to you?  If so, what's your long term goal?

- The plan is to install a second SSD (raid1 cache) and then gradually increase the HDDs

Are you interested in running additional apps?  If so, which ones?  Be specific.

- Definitely a VPN, the plan is to be able to access the server on the go. Maybe Plex, Sonarr, Vaultwarden and whatever else I find exciting.


After a long time I dare again to build a PC, but this time it will not be my own, but a server.
Specifically, this should support me at work, hold my data, run a few (maximum 2, I think) VMs and run Docker containers.

Now I have a build in mind which fits price-wise, but I just haven't been involved with building PCs for too long to know if everything fits here so far, or I've overlooked a bottleneck.


Also, the final question remains whether this build makes sense for my requirements and the use of Unraid.


The planned components fit well into the budget, and some are even cheaper here in Germany than older components.
And the case is intentional, just find it very nice (and it fits many hard drives).


So if anyone could bring themselves to look over my planned build, and leave some feedback, I would be really grateful.

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On 8/20/2022 at 1:40 AM, Aretoth said:

Also, the final question remains whether this build makes sense for my requirements and the use of Unraid.



Your usage case is very basic and Unraid is very light on resources.

As long as your parts are generally compatible with each other (pcpartpicker makes sure they are) you're good to go.


P.S. You might want to consider a more durable SSD, just in case.

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