Looking for solution for holding 10 drives


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My case doesn't hold any drives so I have a IcyDock FatCage MB155SP-B with the cables running out the back. I don't have any issues with this setup but I just purchased some new drives bringing my drive count to 10. I would like something like the IcyDock but 10 bays. I would like to have the activity indicator for each drive like the IcyDock. If there's an in-line "adapter" of some sort on the market, that would give me more options. I'm  not sure what it would be called and that's probably why even google couldn't find anything. 


Also 2 of the drives I got are SAS but on the back of the IcyDock is SATA ports. Does this matter?

Another problem is powering these drives. It's pretty messy. I got a molex adapter to power them but it still requires 1 molex connector per drive. How many drive is it safe to run off 1 molex?

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