First time using backplane - Need assist with understanding molex power limitations


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Hi everyone


I am soon getting my first propper rack server, currently running in a Fractal node 804.

I will be getting the Inter-Tech 4424, should be identical to the roughly equal serial name of Norco/Logic case.


I have had a hard time understanding exactly how many backplanes (1x plane = 4 drives) i can power with each 6pin molex cable from my PSU.

Currently using this PSU:™-80-PLUS-Gold-Power-Supplies/p/CP-9020196-NA


Am i correct in understanding that i can at maximum power 1 plane/4drives per 6pin connection to the PSU?

If that is the case, i feel like i need to upgrade my PSU.

What type of PSU should i aim for, with 24 drives/6planes in mind?

I dont have redundant powersupply support on the planes, so that is not a priority.
I saw a post on PSUs stickied from 2011, but i would assume a bit has changed since then?

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You mean the cable in the other end? Still only 4 pins are used, and it's not standard for modular PSUs, ideally you need as many molex plugs as there are in the backplane, avoid using splitters, you should be able to get another modular molex cable for the PSU if needed, just make sure it's the correct one for that PSU, as mentioned there are no standards, and even PSUs from the same brand can use different cables.

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