Poor WIndows 11 VM Network Perfomance to/from the unraid when Mover is running.


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This happening for a long time, since Windows 10, updated virtIO several times. Current running version (2/23/2022).


The strange thing is, it's not related to the SSD cache. But entirely when mover is running VM virtio network goes down to 4 MB/S. IN/OUT the unraid.


Per example, if, I mount an external share from another computer in Unraid GUI, and start copying to unraid when mover is running I got 110 MB/S probably maxing the network. So there is no bottleneck on the SSD cache (2XSATA SSD in RAID-0).


Tweaked iothreadpin on the VM, with no improvements. I'm kinda baffled, where the bottleneck is, Running Ryzen 1700. CPU usage when mover is running is negligible. 


Of course I tested it without any load. And the issue remains.


Any clues, where the bottleneck exists?



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I partially fix the issue, following Matias Hueber's "Performance optimizations for gaming on virtual machines (mathiashueber.com)"


on his site, mentioned the topology of a Ryzen Processor .




If you see his configuration it uses the second CCX for the guest



The strange thing, is the ordering is the same in the web UI. Which means cpuset = CPU number in UI. With the above all the HTs will be light up.


But notice the CPU pairing is CPU 0 and CPU 8, CPU 1 and CPU 9.


When in the above graphics the pairing is [CPU 0, CPU 1] [CPU 2, CPU 3]




So my question is, which one of this are wrong?


It seems the UI is showing the wrong pairing. I used the UI to create the cpuset, and seems that created the bottleneck.


IDK: if this also is replicated on CPU Pinning but since the UI is the same I guess so.  



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