Warning: "Out of memory errors detected on your server"


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Those are not the diagnostics you get from your system, lots of annoying . files added. You must have created that zip yourself. Not necessary and not what we want.


Diagnostics is already a single zip file. If it seems to you it has downloaded a lot of folders and file it is because your computer automatically opens zip files.


Find that single zip file wherever your browser downloaded it and attach to your NEXT post in this thread.

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OOM seems VM related.


Why do you have so much DHCP going on in syslog? What are you using for router?


You didn't mention it for some reason, but disk2 has disconnected and is disabled. Emulated disk2 is mounted though.


Not much data on any of your disks yet. I assume that is expected.


Shut down, check connections, SATA and power, both ends, including splitters. Boot up, start the array, post new diagnostics.





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My VMs don't utilize the array. System is mainly used for testing docker images and virtual machines plus home automation. Is it possible the OOM error occured when I accidentally tried to mount the same Unraid share in two machines at the same time?


Double checked SATA and power cables on both ends, no splitters used but the disk doesn't show up. I think it's dead.


As for the DHCP thing: I'm using a Fritz!BOX provided by my ISP. 




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