"SOLVED" How to disable The PC Speaker

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Hi,  I have looked everywhere for this with no success, tried to change the "rc.local_shutdown" script to remove the "beep -r 2" in the "rc.d" directory but it didn't work as it gets overwritten after the server is restarted .
My server has a HUANANZHI X99-QD4 with 32GB Ram and an Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2666 v3 @ 2.90GHz, it has a PC speaker that beeps once when you start and twice when you turn off the server.
I've also tried disabling the first beep from Unraid by adding "pcspkr.conf" to "modprobe.d" and same thing, it's removed after reboot, I know you can solder off the PC speaker, but I wanted to fix it without removing it.
In the bios I can't find how to disconnect the speaker either.
I would be very grateful if someone here could help me with this, thanks in advance

*Solved this with a new bios from GITHUB user Koshak1013.

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