Valid FQDN's for Unraid host & docker containers for use with Let's Encrypt/ZeroSSL


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Hi All,


I thought this was going to be straightforward, but after hours of fiddeling around, i'm no closer to ,a result .


Just in case the title isn't clear, i need the unraid box to think it's FQDN is so that i can install an SSL cert. In this instance, would i then still be able to access it locally (192.168.1.x) without it throwing SSL errors.


I'd also like to be able to do this for the few docker containers that need this. I assume the process would be the same as above, except i need to use host networking with its own IP, not bridged?


I know the deprecation of self-signed certs and .local domains were for the betterment of security, but it seems to me you need to be a domain/DNS/CA master just to be able to use ssl internally, and potentially open the network to the outside world for LE/ZSSL to work unhindered.


Other relevant info;

- Unifi Dream Machine router running DHCP, with "Domain Name" set to - which seems to propogate fine for DHCP clients ie my laptop gets it, but Unraid is running Static IP for obvious reasons.

- Local DNS is currently Adguard Home (currebtly testing to see whether PiHole or AdGuard is "for me"

- I do own a public domain name, and know my way around administering all aspects of that.


Thanks in advance if anyone is willing to pick up what seems to be an absolute headache at this point!




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