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Overview: Support for Docker image Dobby

Application Name: Dobby
Application repository:  https://github.com/Zggis/dobby

Overview : Dobby will scan a media directory and look for MKV/MP4 Dolby Vision files along side MKV HDR video files for the same TV Show episode. The application will merge the files to create BL+RPU MKV files compatible with HDR and Dolby Vision. This allows you to enhance your media library by adding Dolby Vision at low cost of disk space and without the need to manage multiple file versions.


Please post any questions/issues relating to this docker template you have in this thread.

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Hi Zggis,


I'm trying to add the DV metadata from a copy of a show that has black bars to a 4k HDR copy that doesn't have black bars, is there an easy way to make this work or am I best to just find two versions of the show with the same/similar boundaries?


Thanks in advance!




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Hi Seen88,


If you are confident the media contents are compatible you can disable the Active Area Validation by setting AAVALIDATE to false as described here: https://github.com/Zggis/dobby#configuration


This validation process checks for black bars at sample locations in the videos, if they don't match it will fail the job if its enabled. This is just one of the ways the application makes sure it doesn't merge incompatible files.


Let me know if you need anymore help. If the job still fails after disabling Active Area Validation post the logs and I will take a look.



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