I have some of my movies and tv on an external drive. How do I get it into unraid?

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6 hours ago, ingeborgdot said:

I have an external drive plugged into my unraid server. How do i get my server to see the usb external drive? Then, how do I get the external drive to download into the unraid server folders for my Plex? Is there a video on this. I can't find one, but I'll keep looking. Thanks. 

I see two main options :

  • connect the external drive to a computer and do the transfer over the network.
  • connect the drive to Unraid and mount it using the Unassigned devices plugin. If you are using Unraid 6.10+, you can then use the Dynamix File Manager plugin to copy the files.
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I ended up using the external drive to a computer and did the transfer over the network. I tried the unassigned devices plugin but it was going to be even slower than the previous option.

No one, mentioned the Dynamix File Manager, just Krusader.

So, I have around 8TB file going right now, and it has been running since 9 last night. It has run 12 hours, and says it has another 16 hours left.

It has been averaging around 75-80MB/s. The direct connect was even slower.

Well, it is what it is.


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