Can't add drive to Array, can't run SMART

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hi I had a drive that failed a SMART test with the error "A mandatory SMART command failed: exiting. To continue, add one or more '-T permissive' options."  From looking online I believe that this is due to the disk spinning down while the test was running.  I've set the discs to never spin down now, but I can't get the drive working.


I tried removing it from the array so it now shows up as "dev1", but when I try to run an extended SMART test the button goes from "start" to "stop" then immediately back to "start".  The quick-test button is greyed out, but no test is running.


If I stop the array to try and add it back in I can select it from the drop down list, unraid thinks for a second then the drive disappears.  It's not listed in the array or in the unassigned items.  I have to reboot the server to get it back as "dev1", but still can't do anything.


I've tried rebooting several times and did a shut down (didn't unplug, I started it again from WOL as my server is not easily accessible), but this has made no difference.  I don't think the drive itself is defective, how can I add it back to the array please?

ST8000VN004-2M2101_WSD929PK-20221124-1742.txt drive logs.txt

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