Second device failed while rebuilding data (2 parity drive) and the rebuild is now stuck

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I've been plagued with random disk write errors for a while now (I've tried changing everything from the SAS controller, ram, cpu, mobo, psu, sata cables, power cables etc but nothing will fix it, it seems to occur whenever i'm writing heavily to a particular drive) and now it happened while I was rebuilding a disk after a disk upgrade.


I don't know if the data rebuild failed when the drive failure occured since it happened during the night but it's been stuck at 58.9% for about 12 hours now.


Wondering what the proper procedure is since I now technically have 2 failed drives and can't afford to mess anything up.


PS. if the unimaginable happens and another drive fails while I'm rebuilding, is it possible to put the old one back (even tho it's 2TB instead of the new 4TB) and make unraid "trust" it and not loose the files that are on it?


Thank you.

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3 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Doesn't look like a disk problem, reboot and post new diags after array start.

Ok so I rebooted and it's now saying the drive is normal and the dot is green. maybe it was a GUI issue only?


About the random write error, do you have any idea what can cause this other than motherboard,ram,cpu,psu,cables,disks,sas card? I'm starting to suspect my server backplane might be faulty.


Thank you

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